• The NEW CD recorded during the Red Moon tour in 1990
    released July 2000 by
    Conspiracy Music
    Songs: Floating Back, A Swin In The Ocean, This Is Your Life, I DonŐt Wanna, You Run, Family, Same Ol Story, Even Now, Red Moon, Oklahoma, You Were There, I Still Believe (Great Design), Let The Day Begin

    NOTE: I am not sure if the number below is still valid but it's worth a try!

    CALL 978-346-4577 AND USE YOUR Master Card, Visa or AMEX CARDS

    $15 including shipping WITHIN THE USA

    To Heaven And Back on CD is $10

    Love Is Everywhere RARE single is $10.

    The CALL Video is done and now available. Do NOT delay!

    Only 50 copies where manufactured.This 65 minute video which includes all 6 Call videos:

  • The RARE Michael Been solo video "US"
  • "The Walls Came Down"
  • "Scene Beyond Dreams"
  • "Everywhere I Go"
  • "I Don't Wanna"
  • "Let The Day Begin".

    It also includes a great interview with Michael Been PLUS Live concert footage from a show in 1990 in London. There is also a discography included!

    Your cost is $25 within the USA. The video is a VHS NTSC (USA) format so keep that in mind if you order from overseas.


  • The NEW CD single with remixes
    released 05/28/98 by Fingerprint Records
    Songs: Love is Everywhere (3 different mixes), Soaring Bird (single mix), World On Fire (light sleep mix), To Feel This Way (light sleep mix). The last two songs are from the "Lightsleeper" movie sound track.

    ORDER the above CD via the snail mail for$10 (includes s/h in USA) at the address above.

    NEW T-SHIRT!!! (same artwork as above!)
    For $15 (s/h included in the USA), you can own a "Love Is Everywhere" t-shirt. This shirt features the artwork above on the front (about 6" square) and "THE CALL" on the back with the picture from "To Heaven And Back" with the Fingerprint logo. Very cool and nice Hanes quality shirts. Size XL only. SO YOU WANT TO ORDER your new CALL stuff direct from their record company?

    You ask why?

    The band will see more revenue since there is no middle man so what are you waiting for?!?!?!

    TO ORDER any CD, shirt, or the NEW VIDEO



    PO Box 197

    Merrimack, MA 01860 USA

    To purchase by credit card, call 978-346-4577

    PLEASE make checks payable to Fingerprint Records

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