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WILLIE HINES- live and in your computer

WILLIE HINES - Song samples


TRACKS: And So It Goes, Let It Out, How Will They Take Me Now, Future Games, Halfway 'Round The World, Up, Oak Park, Danielle, Raga, :) , Mowing Albert's Lawn, The Old Grey Mare, Oceans Away

To hear samples of YEAHRIGHT, you can click below.
Please note that the samples vary in sound quality but they will give you a great idea of what is happening.

If you use a MP3 player, click below:

How Will They Take Me Now (low fidelity sample)
Raga (high bandwidth)

If you use a Windows media player, you are wasting your money and should use a MAC but I digress....., click below:

How Will They Take Me Now (low fidelity sample for Windows)

Raga-High Bandwidth for Windows 


If you are like me, I can't get enough of this band so I try to check out their live rehearsals. These can sometimes be caught Wednesday evenings if you are lucky or they remember to turn on the camera!

Rehearsals on Wednesday evenings (west coast time)

SO you want to buy this CD but can't find it? Support indie music by purchasing this CD from Willie Hines himself. Click on this link and say "Dude, I need your solo CD now!

See the lyrics for YEAHRIGHT