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Who is Melvin James?

To be honest, I don't really know but I got this song of his in my head one day and found that there was no info on the internet about him or his album from 1987.

Melvin James released "The Passenger" in 1987 and it had one great song on it, Why Won't You Stay (Come In, Come Out Of The Rain)" . This song is great! Sadly, he was on MCA Records thus he got the typical no press, no support, no anything. That is why MCA is known to those in the music business as "Musicians Cemetary of America". Anyway, now there is a page......lame as it is. At least I placed the long lost video here!! Enjoy!

If you are interested where Melvin James ended up, he now fronts a band called Planet Melvin with his son playing drums. I haven't checked them out but they sound very cool.

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It should be no surprise that only people have seen this page! THANKS FOR LOOKING!!!

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